info for new north carolina cna-1?? please answer :) info for new north carolina cna-1?? please answer :) | allnurses

info for new north carolina cna-1?? please answer :)

  1. 0 hi does anyone in north carolina know, how long after you pass your cna-1 state exam you get your cert and registry? ( or do they put you on the registry and you dont get like a card that says your certified ?)i want to take the next cna-2 class and im hoping my card or what ever it is i need is going to come before they start to register for classes thank you
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    I did not get a card. You can check the registry to see if your name is on it yet. If your community college is like ours though. You have to have six months experience unless you can get a teacher to sign off saying you can take it. Like the person that taught you cna 1. hope this helps.
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    ok thank you i will wait a bit then check registry , and i got lucky cuz the one of the instructers from my cna1 is teaching two and she liked me and kept incouraging me to take her class when i finish with the state exam so thats all set i just need to get all my stuff for my one. thank you so much for your info oh how long did you wait till you were on the registry? if you dont mind another ??? thanx:icon_roll
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    I want to think we were on the registry pretty quick, maybe 2 weeks? Just check the website and see. Congrats on becoming a CNAI...
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    oh good thats not so long , and thank you so much!