Impressive support for students

  1. Hello everyone. I have been visiting AN for a few months and would like to comment on the awesome support I have read for all the students. I am a 51 year old male anxiously awaiting the fate of my school application. I am on my last pre req this semester and I must say that I am truly looking forward to a career with all of you amazing people! The positive vibes, good wishes and sound advice that pours forth in these forums is a blessing to us potentials. I look forward to the challenges ahead of me, and one day hope to be able to pay forward the good things that all of you have shared.
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  3. by   x_factor
    Welcome to the forum! Like you, I'm finishing up the last of my pre-reqs and applying this semester. Soon, I will be anxiously awaiting to see if I've been accepted for fall admission. Whew, talk about being anxious!

    Good luck with the last of your pre-reqs, hope you get your acceptance letter soon!
  4. by   nguyency77
    Best of luck! Let us know how it goes.