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Christmas is right around the corner. Many of us sit around waiting for what they want the most. Tick, tock, tick, tock... If you were granted just one wish what would it be? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please... Read More

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    Graduate with amazing grades n NCLEX. So I can easily get into a good residency program n DNP program

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    My father passed away a few months ago. He was/is my bestfriend. My one wish would be to have him back.
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    To get into my ADN program for spring 2013....They are sending out admission letters Tuesday! So nervous!!
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    YES! This cartoon is exactly me All I want for Christmas is an acceptance letter to the nursing program!!!
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    For my 6 month old to enjoy his first Christmas! Also, like many others, to be accepted into nursing school!
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    Quote from akulahawk
    My one wish would be to turn the clock back about a week from today. If I'd known then what I knew now... a whole lot of problems would have never materialized. Alas, it's not to be and I'm finding my way down a path back so that I can successfully complete school and earn my RN. It's just going to take longer than I had originally hoped for.
    My wish kind of came true today. I'm now a returning RN student.

    For those of you that are waiting to get in, if you don't get in, keep applying. I had to reapply 8 semesters consecutively until I was admitted.
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