Identity Crisis! OB vs Peds HELP!

  1. I apologize ahead of time for how this is all running together. I won't let me make serpeate paragraphs for some reason! I've always know I wanted to work in OB. Actually, I had a set plan. Apply for a Women Health nurse residency. Try to become a lactation consultant. And then in a few years when my daughter starts Kindergarten go to grad school and become a Nurse Midwife. And I was totally happy with that. Then I had my pediatrics clinical. And strangely enough, I didn't realize how much I loved it til it was over. But I'm so undecided. I don't know if its just because of how FANTASTIC my instructor was or that she told me I was perfect for peds or that it truly is for me... Now I would just say I have plenty of time to decide... but the time is next (and last!) semester I have to choose an area for Practicum and I really don't wanna screw up because its 60 clinical hours in a chosen field. <br> AHHH! I don't know what to do. To add to the confusion, peds is much more practical because there is very little market for midwives here, and I could become a PNP in HALF the time it would take to do the dual FNP/CNM path I had considered prior. I know this is a choice I have to make for myself, but I would truly love some opinions.
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    Just because you do a particular area for practicum does not tie you to that area for life, or even for a year. We see lots of people who don't get the practicum they ask for and are devastated, and then they turn out to love what they did anyway. And you know what? 60 hours is only a week and a half of a full-time job. It's a try-out, not a novitiate.

    You don't have to make a decision now. And even if you do, you don't have to stay there after graduation. Your initial plan is good, being in pedi is good, and maybe your practicum will turn out to be in something you haven't dreamed of and you'll fall in love c that. It's all good.

    You don't have that women's health residency yet; you might not. Go ahead and apply for all of them and see which, if any, you get. Even then, you will always be able to change later.
  4. by   lolaviex
    It seems that all of your OB plans were formulated before nursing school. Did you have an OB rotation, how was that?
  5. by   ama3t
    I did have my OB rotation. And I loved it. But when it was over I started to have doubts... and I'm not sure why. I think mainly because I only got to see 2 births and they were very different from my ideal experience... and also it was somewhat intimidating. And with peds I kept saying its not for me... and then when it was over I really missed it. However, I had all infant/toddler patients and that was what I wanted so that may be why I enjoyed it so much. I'm just overwhelmed because I want to have a goal... And now its all messed up in my head lol. And I know what I pick for Practicum isn't the end all be all, but I would still hate to waste that opportunity to establish some skills and experience and make connections in the right area! I just applied for a tech job in peds. I'm really hoping I'll get it and it will help me decide. I guess we will see!
  6. by   lolaviex
    Hopefully you'll get the tech job and gain more insight. I think our clinical rotations do play a big role in what we choose. I thought I had my heart set on Peds, but after I was finished I had to admit to myself that I didn't like. Looking back, I didn't have a great floor and my instructor was all but absent. So maybe it wasn't Peds, just that particular experience? Who knows.

    Sometimes you have to let go of the plan you started out with and follow your heart. Say you go for Peds, spend a couple years there and decide you'd rather try OB. I think you can allow yourself a few years before going to graduate school.
  7. by   Double-Helix
    Can you do a practicum in the NICU? That will give you exposure to the pediatric (infant) population that you desire. You'll likely be able to attend high risk deliveries/c-sections and you'll work closely with the women's health population. It will give you a better feel for whether peds is really for you or not, while providing you with great experience and networking that you can easily apply to a women's health position.
  8. by   ama3t
    Hmmm. That's an interesting idea. Although this may make me sound like a big chicken I don't know if I would like the NICU though. The reason that I want to be a CNM is because I am more interested in natural childbirths, water births, etc. Which wouldn't be seen in the high risk population of course... And I'm quite intimidated by the ICU environment. But, I haven't had my critical care rotation yet. It starts in a couple weeks so that could change my opinion!