I think I've ruined my chances of getting into a RN nursing program

  1. So let's just say I really screwed up my life, but I'm trying hard to get back on track. Before having my daughter (2 months ago) I attended a 2 year community college working towards getting my AA in pre-nursing. Well my 1st year I goofed off and for whatever reason withdrew from a ton of classes. My second year I did the same exact thing. Goofed off, didnt go to class, all in all I just didnt take school SERIOUSLY at all! Well the last semester of my 2nd year I got pregnant and dropped out of classes due to SEVERE morning sickness. I left my community college on a bad note. I was put on financial aid suspsension(althought I never recieved FA) and academic warning. I'm really embarrased by this and regret being such a screw up every single day especially now that I have this beautiful baby to care for. Well I really want to return to school to become a nusrse but with all of the W's( I acutally only recieved one bad grade) I have on my transcript Im starting to believe the chances of me getting into ANY nursing school are slim to none. I've grown up alot this past year and really want to give my baby the life my parets gave me. Now that i'm a mother I need a stable career ASAP. Had I not had my daughter I probally wouldve done those 2 years over and transferred to a university. Now that I have a kid, I don't have the time anymore too redo 2 years of school. What should I do? Should I get into an LPN program 1st that I can start work alot sooner then bridge over to RN? Also do all LPN programs require prequsites before entry? Im really confused with which route I should take. Im done goofing around and not taking things serious. I really want to get my life on track for my daughters sake. Im 20 BTW.
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  3. by   GHGoonette
    I think the LPN route might be the best. I don't know what your financial situation is, or whether you can approach your parents for help, but you certainly need to prove that you have matured and are ready to take on responsibilities. I'm really glad to hear that you are ready and eager to make sacrifices for your daughter-having your own kid really helps you kick the "spoilt brat" in yourself out, doesn't it?

    However, don't give up entirely on the hope of getting into nursing college; make an appointment to see the principal at the local college and have a chat to her, she may be more sympathetic than you expect. Good luck!
  4. by   antajshalakiag
    "Spoiled Brat" lol...yes It has. I won't lie I have been pretty spoiled my enitre life and having my daughter has really given me a dose of reality. I think I'll take this route =]. Thank you very much for your help.
  5. by   iPink
    I agree with above poster. You may want to go the LPN route for now. You're still young and still can put in 20+ years as an RN when you're ready. Congrats on being a mom, now it's time to be a good example to your little one. It's ok to make mistakes, just learn from them and move on to greater things.
  6. by   metricalpound
    I was sorta in the same situation that you are in now and I got into a very good nursing program which is very competitive to get in.

    When I first went to school, I didn't go to any of my classes - I failed every single class with a WU which stays on your permanent college record.

    After failing all my classes, I went into the army, came back, got a BA in English and almost completed a MS in Education. And then I applied to my Nursing program. Even though I failed one of the classes the first time (English), they either made an exception for me (because I had an English degree and even took Master-level English courses) or my GPA along with my NLN grade was high enough for the English failure to make as much of a big indent as it would have (they counted 4 courses and with counting the English failure my GPA was 2.8, with the second grade I got for taking it a second time, it was a 3.7).

    Either way, what I'm trying to get at is that as much as people like to talk about so and so Nursing program is hard to get in to or that your chances are slim due to your past - it never hurts to talk to someone in the Nursing Department to see where your chances lie and tell them your story.

    Time changes people.

    As much as I would love to give you advice on whether to go the LPN or RN route - I'm not because I don't think that you can find an adequate answer on this forum for your choice, not from or from anyone else. What advice I will give you is call up a RN or LPN program that you are interested in and ask them what it would be like, what time constraints would there be, how much it costs, how many people graduate from a starting class, what is the nclex first time pass rate, etc. Only you can decide what's best for you and you are only really going to be able to get that information from talking to possible schools.

    Either way, good luck. =D
  7. by   TexasNurse2B
    I'm in the same exact situation you are and it totally sucks. My first 2 years of school I also withdrew out of every single class I started and now I have this transcript full of W's and F's (yes F's!!) School just wasnt important to me. Well fast forward 6 years and 3 kiddos later and I'm seriously kicking myself in the butt. Its hard but I'm determined to get into a program even if taking the LPN route first is what it takes! In my heart I really want to be an RN and really wish I would of felt like this 6 years ago. But we all make mistakes and we must learn from them. Best of luck to you!
  8. by   CuriousMe
    First thing I'd do is talk to the CC where you used to attend. Find out what you need to do to make things right (ie getting rid of financial aid suspension).

    Retaking the classes and doing well will solve your academic problems with most schools....but you'll have a hard time being on financial aid suspension.

    It might be embarrassing, but standing up and saying to them, "yes, I know I really messed up." without excuses is not only the responsible thing to do....it may go a long way in persuading the folks there to help you out.
  9. by   LuckyinKY
    I screwed up when I first went to college and failed an entire semester. I had a baby, grew up and returned to school and aced most of my classes. I graduated with a 2.8 GPA because of that bad semester, but I got my bachelor's degree. I took 2 years off to have another baby, returned to college and knocked out a few nursing pre-reqs and applied to the ADN program. It was a super competitive program that accepts 100 out of 1000 plus applicants. I was waitlisted, but number 7 on the list. I got in and now I am in the program.

    I would go back to school at a community college and take some pre-reqs and non nursing requirements, hopefully get A's and apply to a nursing program. You can knock out anatomy and physiology, psychology, communications and all of those kind of classes. Some of them you might even be able to do online, allowing you to be home with your baby.

    Having a child really changes things. I think half of my nursing class at least are mothers, and we are the ones who try the hardest. Having a reason to go to school motivates you to work harder.

    Good luck, you can do it!