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I'm half way through my first semester and I'm doing very well academically. Nothing so far has been very challenging. Time consuming? Yes... Academically challenging? No. But I am just not comfortable around the patients at the... Read More

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    I read through that info about aspiration and it stated that it was only not recommended for vaccinations and immunizations. But I'll bring it up in class.

    The IM injection we gave was from ampule it it didn't have an actual fake medication name, just 'demo-dose'.

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    If everyone did perfectly after minimal lab practice, nursing school wouldn't take so long. Keep at it. Not too many people get new skills right the first time.
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    Quote from VANurse2010
    Sad that you failed for not aspirating since that's not even current evidence-based technique.
    I pm'd some of the information on current ebp to her. Very frustrating that students seem to be receiving information that isn't showing both sides and the lack of good evidence for aspiration.
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    OMG VANurse2010 I was going to write the same thing! Let me tell you this, its youre first semester! Way to early to worry about any of this stuff. Just get you're work done and move forward. If I think back to my first semester, going on 3 years now, and think where I was nursing wise and now there is absolutely no comparison. You will grow and change so much its impossible to make any rpedictions now. Just do your best becuase I think I have had a much easier time in nursing school becuase I did well in teh beginning and everything ahs built off that.
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