I passed my first year of nusring school

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    I passed I passed I passed!!!...its official, after much worrying stressing and freaking out I found out today that I passed my second semester of nursing school. This semester really put me to the test. I'm in an ADN program and these semesters are so hard because they are fast paced learning all the material we need to be an RN.
    If it wasn't for psych and for my psych instructors in which one gave me some words of wisdom and the other I had to prove wrong, I wouldn't have never made it in my opinion! I prayed for this and I feel my prayers were answered but now I have to make good on my promises and put more afford in my studies next semester. I literally passed by the skin of my teeth. I. You need a 78 out of 100 to pass and I got a 77.6 in which rounds up to a 78 so yea...
    So for this summer I will be studying all my weak areas at school of course in the skills lab and my theory material in the library. And of course I'm going to RELAX!!!
    I'm really proud of myself and all those that made it but also wish the best for those who didn't cause some of my really close classmates didn't make it which really sucks!
    I can only imagine what's in store for me next semester...
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    Congrats to you! The 3 rd and 4 th semesters are difficult as well so make sure you take a little time to rest over the summer. School burnout is just as bad as work burnout.
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    that's AWESOME,,,, Great Job!!!! I wish I can Say the same unfortunately I will be at it again in the fall.....
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    Thanks for the advice @lovemyboxer99 and sorry to hear that @nurseS2014 I will be resting and enjoying myself this summer trust me!
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    Huge congratulations are in order!!!!!!!

    The world is yours for the taking. SO go ahead and make your mark.

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    Thanks @sexilexi
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    My pleasure!
    We are here to encourage and support you through your journey so when you hit a snag in the road or have questions post them here.
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    Quote from NurseS2014
    that's AWESOME,,,, Great Job!!!! I wish I can Say the same unfortunately I will be at it again in the fall.....
    ^Best wishes in your success...dust yourself off and TRY again...sending positive vibes for your success! Before the semester, invest in the "recommended reading" type books with NCLEX questions, review of subjects etc. feel free to PM me on suggestions, as well as look on here for great study aids! (((HUGS)))
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    Conrats! I just finished my first year too! Pretty proud of myself, what a tough year.

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