I need some motivation ... some inspiration. I am beyond tired.

  1. Hello guys, this week hasn't been much of a break. I am very gracious for having this chance to be a student nurse but I am human and I feel ver tired.

    I just got done partially finishing my Jurisprudence Assingment, I still need to get the references and ask questions about citatons at the writting lab. This is due Friday (Nov 30th)

    I am working on a lab assignment (due the 27th Tuesday). This lab assignment is SO long... it is taking so long. It's about 25 pages long... It asks the exam type, indication, what it means if high, what if low, and meds that interfere and all.

    Okay ... I also have a test in Health Assessment on Monday the (26th of November).

    On Thursday I have a presentation due regarding Oxygen therapy for clinicals (this is due to 29th). So you say find time on Tues or Wed to do the exam right? BUT....

    On Thursday I also have a written exam in Nursing Skills...

    On Thursday I must also go to the hospital and pick a patient and I will have to complete a careplan which will take ALL night ... we ALL know how that goes.

    On Friday I have a 12 hour shift.

    The next week on Monday I have my head to toe check off.

    On Tuesday I have a tripple check off over:
    Cath insertion
    NG insertion
    Trach Suctioning
    The Thursday of this week I have another lovely careplan.

    The following week I have:
    A health assessment final
    A Nursing skills final
    A clinical final
    A psych final
    and to top it off a presentation in theatre for which I must memorize lines and bring in props.

    Gosh Dx

    I am going to just BLOW
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  3. by   OB-nurse2013
    I'm a senior student and have about the same workload..Just think how burnt out you will be at this point??? Its very hard I know. Dont blow just write a list of what needs to be done and start checking stuff off.
  4. by   mariebailey
    You've already completed step 1: You've listed everything that needs to be done. Now you can prioritize each assignment & determine how many hours you can allocate to each assignment while still getting 6 hours of sleep. Ha! It's possible & necessary. Just be regimented & disciplined over the next few days. Also take deep breaths. You can do this.
  5. by   KMtoRN
    Look how close you are to finals! You are almost there!
  6. by   StudentOfHealing
    Woooo I didit!! Now enjoying my break!!!