I finally did it!!! I finally finished Nursing School!!! - page 2

Hi everyone I just wanted to say I finally graduated Nursing School and Im so proud to be part of the nursing family!!!... Read More

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    Here! Here! Entering my 2nd semester in January.

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    Congrats!! I start my first semester in January.
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    I'm a new grad too! Just finished last week! Just waiting to take my NCLEX! Congrats, on graduating, may we both pass the NCLEX on the first try! lol!
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    Thank you all so much!!! It definitely wasn't easy, but it wasn't crazy difficult either. What made it tough was covering all the material in a short amount of time. I took everyone's advice from this web site and just studied hard, organized myself, read everything and did tons of practice questions, didn't listen to negativity, figured out things for myself and went directly to the professors for help when I needed to.. Thanks again All-nurses.com for the help and support.
    What schools are you guys attending or graduated from??

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