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Hi: I'm currently a nursing student working on my 4-year BSN. I'm only in my second year so I'm not that far into the program. My clinicals start in one year, next spring specifically. Well, for... Read More

  1. by   Code Red
    I fainted once at my new 3rd shift job. I got extremely sleepy so I thought I'd take a walk through the halls.. and like that my body shut down and I fell asleep walking! I was definitely embarrassed...
  2. by   vettechtoRN
    We had this prevet student that used to come in to observe surgery at the animal hospital all the time. He would faint regularly!! I would tell him you have to sit if you feel it coming on. Well one day he fell right over and took out the anesthesia hoses connected to the patient and busted his tooth on the vaporizer. There was blood everywhere!! Doc said forget about him(as we all looked on in horror) and hook my patient back up. Lol!! Needless to say he could no longer observe surgery. Most people that have fainted in the or have gone on to be super docs and techs
  3. by   RookieRoo
    I have actually come close to fainting before... you are not alone. It was when I was shadowing nurses trying to decide on nursing school. I have seen a lot of gory things, including near-amputation of a leg on a trauma victim, and I am seriously considering trauma nursing. However, for some reason, on this one day, I was watching the wound care specialist attending to a patient in the ICU. The patient had been left open from surgery and she was split from mid-abdomen to pubic bone in a vertical incision. Her stomach was quite bloated and distended and when the outer layer of the bandage was removed, all of her organs were visible in her abdominal cavity. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen and I was completely excited but I started getting dizzy! It was completely out of my control, I was telling my body to calm down and trying to focus on how cool it was and instead the room was spinning. I had to get out of there and take a chair!

    It's never happened before or since, luckily, but just wanted to offer up some proof that it CAN happen, even when you are intellectually interested and wanting to learn. You are not alone!