I am so annoyed with my communication skill

  1. I am in an ADN program and is passing the lecture portion of the class, but my communication is turning my experience during clinical into a bad one. English is my second language and I have a difficult time getting English words in my mouth. During clinical today, I told my instructor that I would be giving "glucose" when I was about to give insulin to a patient and my instructor corrected me. I am so upset with myself for not speaking clearly and for reacting this way. I don't want to quit nursing school because my communication skill is not great. I am about to finish my first year in 2 weeks and I don't want to quit because my communication skill is horrible.

    Also, I don't know how to manage my time during clinical. I am in the med-surge rotation right now and I can give medications on time and charting other things, but when it comes to doing activities of daily living such as giving bedbath, making bed, and doing other things, I seem to never finish them on time. I only have 3 patients and the shift is from 0615- 1245. My other classmates can do it and I find myself to have a hard time do these work.

    I DON'T want to quit nursing school just because I can't manage my time and can't communicate clearly .
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  3. by   llfox
    First of all, you are not giving yourself any credit. English is your second language and you are passing at the END of your first year. You feel inadequate in comparison to the other students in their time and communication. You already have the knowledge base. Did your instructor yell at you or is it just you being so hard on yourself? Take your time. Your patients will appreciate your slower manner with them.
  4. by   steelerfan502
    definitely do not give up. you would be very surprised at how many students AND experienced nurses have problems with time management. I am a new nurse, I have problems with time management, and tons of other nurses tell me they had or even still have problems staying on schedule. That will get better with experience, but you are not alone. As for the communication issues, I'm sure that is frustrating. It sounds really simple but make sure you talk to your instructors OFTEN about your progress with lecture AND clinicals (now and for the rest of your time in school). make sure you keep them in the loop about how you feel, and that sometimes you say things you dont mean, etc. but keeping in close contact with your instructors shows them you are trying and really care, and they can help give you suggestions for improvement. hang in there, you can do it!
  5. by   RNbethy
    Don't be so hard on yourself - the communication will get easier as you become more exposed You know how to write, so it's just a matter of translating your knowledge verbally! You can do it

    As for time management, may I suggest trying to do as much as you can during your head to toe assessment? As you assess the patient, determine what kind of assistance he or she will need with daily care. This seems easy enough but is a big time saver.
  6. by   prcoach
    Just remember that we who speak English as our first language also struggle from communication skills and time management. Life is a work in progress.Since you have identified your problem (half the battle) the next step would be to actively work toward fixing it. I think you have already begun this process by calling out to your fellow nurse mates and letting us keep you standing. You are so close to completing your schooling. Quitting should not be an option.
  7. by   mitral
    Dont feel bad, English is my first language but yet I still say the wrong things at times! Not long ago I asked my patient 3 times if she was ready to get her foley in... She kept asking, 'my what??' so I held it up to show her-the IV start kit!! Oops wrong cath name :-)