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How to remember to aspirate with IM injections

  1. 0 So I took a competency today and totally forgot to aspirate! Does anyone have any tips or tricks that can help me to remember how to aspirate when giving IM injections?
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    When I give an IM i curl my index fingers around the syringe, keeping my thumb out, then you can flick your thumb up to aspirate and then down to inject all the while keeping control over the syringe. keeping my thumb up helps me to remember i need to aspirate....hope thi shelps you good luck
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    you just gonna have to do it over and over and over again!
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    well i remember to aspirate because when i see im i think i must aspirate. it's corny but it helps me remember it.
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    ok this is something that i just made up, and it makes sense, is just like taking a breath

    you first fiill your lungs with air (aspirate) than you push it out!

    so when you get the needle you take a big breath! and then let it out!

    lol it is ok to forget stuff, you know what... when i was giving lovenox shots, i used to get mad at the little bubble (air seal) and be like, why they always leave air in these needles! (lol!!! i used to flick the syringe and take the bubble out!) that happened to my first 2 days giving that med, than i made a comment to a really nice nurse, who first craked a loud laugh, then told me about the air lock!