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How to Pass Pathophysiology Any Good Ideas?

  1. 0 Hi, Anyone that is taking pathophysiology this semster or have taken Patho in the past what did you guys do to pass the class ,what are your studying techniques I took my first test in Patho and I scored a 75% ,I need an 80% to pass.Can someone please help me with a few pointers. Im trying not to get discouraged but i know it will get better just need to hear from people in the same boat as myslef. Thanks
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    I had to read, and re-read alot to gain an understanding of what happens in certain disease processes. It sometimes was time consuming, but gaining a good grasp on the pathophysiological process will help. There really isn't a shortcut, but I bet you already know that. Study it until you know what the heck is going on for a certain disease or whatever, and why. Good luck.