How to get over insecurity

  1. I admit I'm kinda awkward. And every performance testing, my instructor fails me and makes me go to do second attempts and for the reason simply just no confidence. Im doing good so far in all my other classes, the theories even the clinicals but my prof always refer me to second attempts. Even tho I'm precise, I do procedures correct I'm still not worthy to pass at first try, and there's always that subjective reason. Even my classmates tell me that I've got some insecurity issues going on.
    I admit i am insecure sometimes. But I can be a leader, and I can turn on an authoritative mode and I'm independent and self sufficient. And I like having social interactions with others. In clinicals pt.s and staff like me and compliment me for my attitude but it's the other way around in school. I don't know what it is, it could be that I'm the youngest person in my batch right now, or simply I'm exuding an aura that shows I'm a vulnerable kid. One time even, someone told me that "this field is not for you."
    Anyways, semester is almost ending, gotta take the last second attempt performance test, I'm just happy I'm one sem less closer to graduation.
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  3. by   donk
    What is it that you're insecure about? Is it the skills themselves? I think you build confidence over time and the more you practice the more proficient you become. Do they have extra lab hours or open lab hours at your school? Maybe going in and practicing would help. When I practice and perform my critiques for skills I talk out loud about everything I'm doing. Almost like I'm teaching someone how to do it. This helps me to know where I'm going and helps my instructor to know that I understand what needs to be done and what I'm doing next.
  4. by   classicdame
    When you have any kind of issue you always look at the opposite to be able to focus on a goal. The opposite of insecurity is confidence. How do you get confidence? In skills you get it by doing the task over and over - maybe that means lab work after hours and with someone who can guide you. In communication - again, you practice. I noticed you used the phrase "I am not worthy". Really? Just because you are not able to perform a task accurately the first time does not have anything to do with your CHARACTER, only with your technical skill. Perhaps you need to talk to a professional about why you equate unskilled with unworthy. You have gotten this far in nursing school - sounds like you are capable !!