How to afford an accelerated MSN program?

  1. So I have been reviewing all the information on the school site I am attending and all the expenses are overwhelming. The books alone for summer used are roughly $500-$600. Then you factor in all the out of pocket expenses aside from just books like health insurance and I find myself worried. I don't just have 600-700 laying around extra to buy books before school starts?! What do people do in this situation? I have scoured used-book sites and ebay but there is still no mercy! Health insurance alone is astronomical too
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  3. by   knittygrittyRN
    My school offers book rentals so you can pay around 60 dollars for one book for a semester. I believe and some other websites will let you do the same. I can't speak from personal experience though so I'm not sure about their policies and whatnot. This might be able to save you some money though.