How many chapters have you been assigned?? - page 2

i want to know how many chapters has everyone been assigned to read before their next exam?? i have so many chapters to read and i feel very overwhelmed... Read More

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    Quote from shahoo05
    20-30 chapters per test at my NS.
    How often do you have exams?

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    Quote from nurse2be13

    How often do you have exams?
    4 per semester. 3 and a final, with both old and new material on the final. It's a lot right before a test, but totally doable.
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    For med-surg we had 5 full chapters plus parts of 4 other chapters for the first day. Each week is 4 or 5 chapters, plus online quizzes and case studies. I tend to skim the chapters because I'm not the biggest fan of Elsevier's format and unfortunately most of my books are published by them.

    I won't have any other syllabus until I wake up tomorrow morning because my school doesn't make the online class sites available until midnight the day the semester starts. Again, another thing I'm not a huge fan of.

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