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I am currently in the first year of a two year 1-1 program. Basically the way my program works is that we do LPN the first year while simultaneously taking the pre-reqs for the RN. We graduate in December and then come back in... Read More

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    um depending on traffic anywhere from 8-15minutes. I was lucky and have 2 university's one which i go to and the other one is 20-25 minutes away, i'm in between them, i choose the one that every nurse i know in my area told me to go to, which just happened to be the closer one. I have traveled 25 minutes to an area campus of the university i go too to take a class, which was 4 days a week in the summer, it wasn't bad.

    pick a good school you can get through any drive!!

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    Starting nursing school in two is about 55 miles one way. Takes just about an hour to drive. Now I don't feel so ridiculous, seeing some nurses who drove more than that for their education. Let's just hope I can afford the gas these days!
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    Hi. I drive about an hour to and from school 3 days a week. Once you get use to it it's no big deal. It's kind of relaxing and gives you time to wind down, or if you're on your way there...wake up. I don't think I'd drive further than that to go to class, but that's just me. Sometimes it really sucks to get up at 5 or 5:30, especially if you had clinical the day before, but all you can do is just to do it. GL. :spin:
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    I am getting ready to commit from the suburbs of houston into the medical center during rush hour every day yikes.
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    My commute here in Corpus Christi will only be about 10-20 minutes (Praise the lord!) My commute in good ol' Idaho was a solid hour and a half each way, with snow, wind, and a car with a faulty electrical system (taillights would randomly go out)...I see now that I didn't have it as bad as some though! Wow!

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