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I am currently in the first year of a two year 1-1 program. Basically the way my program works is that we do LPN the first year while simultaneously taking the pre-reqs for the RN. We graduate in... Read More

  1. by   EricJRN
    I've just moved to a weekend position at work so that I can finish a degree I started several years ago. In fall and spring, I'll be commuting about 115 miles each way twice a week to finish up.
  2. by   TheCommuter
    Two years ago, I attended a 12-month LVN program that was located 95 miles away from my home. For 5 days per week, I commuted 190 miles daily (roundtrip) to and from school. My daily commute could be as brief as 90 minutes, or as long as 5 hours, since traffic in the greater Los Angeles area was rather unpredictable. Hence, my screen name is 'TheCommuter.'

    Here's an afterthought...I put 53,000 miles onto my little vehicle during that year of school. I started the commuting with 46,000 miles, and ended up with 99,000 miles on the car at the end of that year.
  3. by   futurecnmstudent
    I commute ~70 miles one way. I leave almost 2 hours before my classes actually start. I luckily have another student in my classes who I meet after about a half hour drive and then we carpool together. It is nice because the drive is not so boring and we can quiz each other on things. But it is kind of a drag sometimes and does take a toll. I just remind myself it will be worth it in the end.
  4. by   NICU RN wannabe
    OMG - I can only imagine the amount of money being spent on gas each week!!!!!
  5. by   nightshifter415
    The milage for my commute doesn't really bug me because it's less than 30 minutes to get to school going against traffic, but I have to go over the Golden Gate Bridge to get to school so it's $5 a day and the Bay Area cost of gas to get there. So upon a private school tuition, rent, necessities, and only working part time for chump change it kicks my butt sometimes. Our schools clinicals are really far though, some sites are about an hour away.
  6. by   future L&Dnurse
    I live 15 minutes from my school but several students in my class have much longer drives, through the mountains. I personally would prefer to live outside the city and have a long commute. I don't mind driving. I DO mind living in a huge city! But, ultimately it's up to you and what you prefer.
  7. by   moongirl
    It was 2 hours one way 4 days a week.

    graduated last week.
    and yeah, I am tired !!!!!!!!
  8. by   Maverick80
    um depending on traffic anywhere from 8-15minutes. I was lucky and have 2 university's one which i go to and the other one is 20-25 minutes away, i'm in between them, i choose the one that every nurse i know in my area told me to go to, which just happened to be the closer one. I have traveled 25 minutes to an area campus of the university i go too to take a class, which was 4 days a week in the summer, it wasn't bad.

    pick a good school you can get through any drive!!
  9. by   Trophywife81
    Starting nursing school in two is about 55 miles one way. Takes just about an hour to drive. Now I don't feel so ridiculous, seeing some nurses who drove more than that for their education. Let's just hope I can afford the gas these days!
  10. by   SoulShine75
    Hi. I drive about an hour to and from school 3 days a week. Once you get use to it it's no big deal. It's kind of relaxing and gives you time to wind down, or if you're on your way there...wake up. I don't think I'd drive further than that to go to class, but that's just me. Sometimes it really sucks to get up at 5 or 5:30, especially if you had clinical the day before, but all you can do is just to do it. GL. :spin:
  11. by   studentADAM
    I am getting ready to commit from the suburbs of houston into the medical center during rush hour every day yikes.
  12. by   lalalauren87
    My commute here in Corpus Christi will only be about 10-20 minutes (Praise the lord!) My commute in good ol' Idaho was a solid hour and a half each way, with snow, wind, and a car with a faulty electrical system (taillights would randomly go out)...I see now that I didn't have it as bad as some though! Wow!