How do nursing students get to and from school? - page 2

With student loans growing how do you get to and from school? Do you have your own car? Live on campus? Take the train? A friend? Please share any tips you may have. Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share... Read More

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    Lol. that is awesome! Love it!

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    I commute 97 miles to school and some clinical sites are another 100 miles away. I spend more time driving than I care to, but I use that time to listen to lectures that I recorded.
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    Currently my boyfriend takes me to school when he goes to work (at 630am) and most of my classes dont start til 9ish,
    then i walk to work at 4, or have my boyfriend, friend or mother.
    im still only taking my pre-reqs so idk how ill do it when i do start clinicals
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    I drove or rode the bus and then I started carpooling! Saves money and you get to know the other people in your class.

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