How can I learn form my mistakes?

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    [COLOR=#000000][/COLOR]I likeseeing what I get wrong on exams, especially if they are non-proctored quizzesthat I take online from home. Some of the material we do not cover in class,some its related to medications, etc....

    This semester I donít get to see what questions I get wrong and I find this socounterproductive. Idk about you but I learn a lot from finding out what thecorrect answer is. We use ATI in our school and they give you rationales forthe right and wrong answers, yet any quizzes created my instructors we doníteven get to find out what we got wrong.

    [COLOR=#000000][/COLOR]This isnot conductive to learning : (

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    Perhaps you can schedule a meeting with the professor. We have the same issue for our online quizzes, but the professors are great about meeting one on one.

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