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    I was just thinking about the possible areas of Nursing specialties and the idea of Nursing in Hemodialysis unit once I am finished my degree could be a possibility. I am not 100% on the idea as I feel very unsure with my nursing direction. So this is where I ask those who have worked in Hemodialysis unit what it is like, is it stressful area, what do nurses need to know etc. I am very inquisitive and just need to know if it would be a good area to work.

    As I read on this forum that some nursing students who finish their degree or college diplomas have an idea as to where they want to work. I am just fishing around as to where my Niche would be. For instance if I get my graduate program mid next year, apart from med surgical wards I can choose a specialty. So far what I have in mind at the moment is Perioperative Nursing.

    Anyways, look forward to your reply
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    I'm a student also. I'm also thinking of dialysis. The nurses said dialysis is much more relaxing when compared to med-surg, it is not as stressful. this was at a hemodialysis unit at a hospital. on average the nurse will get 4 patients per day. and while dialyzing, it's just doing continual assessment q15min (vitals signs, etc) for 3-4 hours. all they have to do is take patient from different units, and bring them to the dialysis unit for dialyzing, aftewards they are returned back to their respective unit. there is no admitting or discharge instructions.

    This is a good question this person has, that I also would like to know the answers.

    anyone, lol.
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