Help with math problems!!****

  1. Hello, I came here to hopefully get some guidance. I dont really have to many people to ask for help on these problems and I am saving my instructor as a last resort, since she is an online teacher and is not on campus very often.

    We have a 20 question math exam and I need to get 18/20 to move forward. I have 17/20. I have included the 3 problems that I have been struggling with.

    If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for any help! I know my conversions and how to calculate drip rate, but these problems are troubling me.

    Question 1:
    Ordered: Nitrostat 7 mg in 250 mL D%W IV to control clients chest pain.
    Pain control is achieved at 20 microdrops/minute.
    How many mcg of Nitrostat is the client receiving per minute?

    Question 2:
    Ordered: Lidocaine 4g in 500 mL D5/W IV to infuse at 2 mg/minute.
    How many "gtts" per minute should be administered using microdrop tubing?

    Question 3:
    The order reads, "Administer Normal Saline, 3 liters, over 24 hrs, beginning 12 hrs before Cisplatin chemotherapy begins."
    The nurse will program he infusion pump to deliver the NS at what rate?
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    What work have you done already? We are happy to help, but will not simply provide the answers. Show us where you are stuck.
  4. by   NurseMama1210
    Oh of course, i really need to understand how to work these for future exams. I actually ended up solving question 3. I believe it's 3000/24= 125ml/hr

    Question 1, I am stumped. I have never seen a question like this before.

    Question 2: 4000mg/500ml = 2mg/xmL
    The drop rate is 60 gtt. Am I on the right track with this one?