HELP! Nurse Externship Programs in Tucson

  1. hello,

    i will be starting the nursing program at my school in new york this fall, and i have been looking for potential externship programs in tucson, az next summer. i have family in the area and i would love to be able to find a program, but i haven't had any luck in my search. i know now is not the time to be looking for programs, but i would appreciate any help. what hospitals in the tucson area offer summer nurse externship opportunities? if a set program does not exist would it be possible to set something up with a preceptor? any information or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

    thank you!
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  3. by   Journee2
    Hi! My Mother and Step-Father are Deans/Professors at U of A and I know they have a Nursing School. My Mother actually works cosely with the Dean of the Nursing School for research purposes, etc so I will ask her if she knows of any externships they recommend in the area. Added bonus - my Step-Father's brother is the head Peds Cardiologist at the hospital out there so I'll check with him to see how someone can get into the hospital on an externship basis. Feel free to PM me and I'll definitely post (or PM) the information to you this week. Good luck and enjoy the desert heat
  4. by   Journee2
    UPDATE: I spoke with my Mother and Uncle last night regarding Externships vs. Preceptorships in Tucson. They both advised seeking out a Preceptorship at UAMC or any of the areas Hospitals/Medical Center or even Private Practices. Externships are more competitive and priority is given to residents and students of U of A, whereas Preceptorships are not as competitive to get but usually in the hospital/med center setting there needs to be approved via a chain of command. Their advice is to looked up the various hospitals, medical centers, even doctors in private practice and let them know you are interested in a preceptorship and cross your fingers for a Yes. Hope this information is helpful. Good Luck!
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    Thank you so much for your help! I never saw that I got a reply for this post, so sorry for the delayed response. I really appreciate you asking your family! That was so kind of you!
  6. by   jmtravers3
    Hi! I realize this is an old thread but I'm in Tucson too and having trouble finding externships. Where would you suggest looking?