Help! Leadership and Management Student Issues

  1. Hi everyone, I have been in nursing school seems like forever. I've failed 2 classes, but I have already retaken them. I am a LPN and I am almost done with my RN program. There is just one thing though, I need help to pass the Leadership and Management program. There are no tutors for this class, and I've talked to my instructor as well about it. She just says to study the objectives in the book and the definitions. I've done that and it's not helping me. The book we have is by Yoder and it's not easy to follow. I have a Kelly book, but I am afraid since it's outdated that it won't do me any good to study it. I have not a clue on what to do anymore. My final is on this upcoming Wednesday. I have a 80% so far, but I need a 72% on the final to pass her class, but really a 78% to pass because of other grade calculations. Do you have any study tips or anything at all? I can read the book, and study the definitions just fine, but when it comes to the questions, it's like foreign material to me. I do have test anxiety and I really need to pass this quarter because I need a job so bad.
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    What is it you're not clear about?

    Can you pull out the objectives for the course? They should say something like, "At the conclusion of this course the learner will ..." and then there should follow a number of action verbs: describe, understand, discuss, demonstrate, and so forth.

    Can you do the things they say? That should be the outline that guides your thinking about the course and how to think about the final. Not to mention the course content.