Help! Keep wanting to diagnose myself :(

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    I have gone to the doctor twice this semester and both times as soon as I got home I looked up the lab values of the tests they ran on me and ended up scaring myself or thinking I was misdiagnosed. I know I need to trust the doctors interpretation of the labs and his diagnosis but I can't help but worry that he's mistaken. Today I went to an urgent care facility with horrible urinary pain and pink urine. Urinalysis showed +3 blood & +1 protein as well as bacteria & leukocytes .That seems like a lot of blood for a UTI but I'm just a student. Maybe I'm just extra anxious because I'm not feeling well and have exams & finals coming up.
    Do you all look at your labs when your sick or am I just neurotic? lol
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    yup look stuff up, well I know what norms are now, so not looking up so much. Yes it is hard to trust. You can always ask them to go ahead and explain the diagnostic reasoning or ask if there are other differential diagnoses that it could be.

    blood in urine, even a lot, is totally normal with uti!
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    Quote from missnurse01

    blood in urine, even a lot, is totally normal with uti!
    Thank you! You made me feel better. I'm just 1st semester so I don't know much yet & the blood & protein in my urine freaked me out.
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    We cannot offer medical advice as per the Terms of Service......
    Medical Advice:
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    I am sorry you are not feeling well......UTI's commonly have visible blood in the urine let alone microscopic. If you look you the lab....look up the diagnosis so you can ease your mid. Please follow up with your PCP if you are not feeling well.....Good luck with your exams!

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