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Hi all - I have a low threshold for stress. I have had melt-downs during each attempt at nursing school. I have taken the first semester twice - almost to the end. I'd say that each time I dropped it I allowed the clinical... Read More

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    I've been working with a clinical psychologist regarding the meltdowns and they are due to my inherent hypersensitivity. I may be able to improve that, but I don't think I will ever totally get rid of it. I just have this hunch that everything is going to work out this time, though. I know that there is no logical basis for me to think this way which worries me. I am afraid that I am deluding myselt. not good..

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    Hi! I couldn't help but leave a comment after reading your post ..& I hope to bring you some inspiration!! I am the product of a highly anxious and meltdown prone student who is now a working nurse..who had a lot of great job offers!! The key is picking the right job..that's not as stressful.. Maybe one on one patient care if you want to go that route or the other options you were talking about in previous posts. Here is the thing .. I left school once & then ended up going back and having another breakdown at the end of one of my semesters to my clinical instructor . I am a 4.0 student but I didn't have confidence in my abilities. If you really want to do it.. You will ... But the key is you need ALOT of support ..& constant .. I was always calling my family & friends to push me and keep reminding me why I want to be a nurse and get the degree! And .. I 100% believe that God & alot of prayer works ! & your hubby just doesn't want to see you dad told me multiple times why are you going into this field if you get like this.. But I am telling you .. You can conquer it & be successful & happy! Good luck, God bless!
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    I think sensitivity, once you master it, wi be an extremely valuable asset to you and your future in nursing. If anything, it means you Actually care.
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    Well put non!
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    Thank you so much, hurley and non for the inspiring and encouraging words! I will go cautiosly and find the right spot for myself. I wll know in May if my request to re-enter will be granted. Since I have just about been through the whole first semester twice, I also requested to challenge nursing 1 with their exam. We shall see what they say.

    Thanks again.

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