help! enterocutaneous fistula concept map!

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    So i have to do a concept map about a patient who i had.
    his admitting diagnosis was enterocutaneous fistula.
    i need help on nursing diagnosis. i need 3. i cannot use any diagnosis that contain risk for pain, infx, skin integrity etc.
    can someone give me ideas or help me make mine better.

    so far i was thinking of..

    imbalanced nutrition less than body requirements related to TPN diet but i dont know what evidence to use.

    disturbed body image related to presence of stoma, abd surgical incision, gtube, foley catheter as evidenced by pt stating " i dont know what i am going to do when i get home with all these wounds present."

    and i need one more!


    does anyone know of a good pathophysiology website?

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    can you use impaired tissue integrity? he has an abdominal incision
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    i cant have that because our professors feel we have had to much practice with impaired tissue, infection, etc.
    its so hard when theyre so picky! lol

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