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    Im attending an ADN program in Texas which requires us to take health care Spanish.. Has anyone else taken it? Is it hard? I really hate that I have too durin clinicals but I would rather in second level than third or fourth... We have the option to take death and dying but I spoke to the teacher about the class and one of her requirements is to have a living will, which I've been planning on doing anyway, but I just don't feel somebody should be made to do that.

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    I haven't taken a medical Spanish class but I majored in Spanish for my first Bachelor's and use it every day at my job as a tech in a Southern California. I don't know exactly what the course will entail but a lot of the diagnoses and anatomical terms are similar if not the same. Words like alcohol, gastritis, abdominal are spelled exactly the same in Spanish and English (but pronounced differently), the word heel is Spanish is talón almost like the latin name for the bone talus. If you know anatomy and medical terminology then I bet you can guess these words: adicción, congestión, axila, intestine, respiración, cáncer, escápula. If it is more stuff like that then you will probably do fine. I also took a death and dying class a few years back but our teacher never required us to make a living will, it was only an optional assignment. Best of luck to you!

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