Head-to-Toe Assessment

  1. I have my H2T assessment next week.. I am beyond nervous and hoping that I pass it. So any tips are greatly appreciated! I've been studying my butt off this past week and still keep forgetting stuff. Wish me luck!
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  3. by   FineAgain
    The most important thing (that worked for me anyway) was to stop after each part and assess what I had done, and remember things I may have forgotten. There is a time limit and you can't just stand there and think, of course...but it really helped me to ground myself and to stay calm. It isn't a race and if you can slow yourself down and try not to rush through it, you will do fine. I was forgetting things too, but when it came time to do it for real, I was a rock star. Good luck!!
  4. by   KatePasa
    Practice on anyone who will let you. Even better practice on another student, because you might catch one another skipping something. I wrote out a script of sorts. I rehearsed it in my head too...and probably under my breath more times than I would like to admit. Just remember stress is your enemy. Don't let nerves ruin a perfectly enjoyable nursing education!
  5. by   Dumplins
    practice practice practice. over and over. it's like learning the lyrics to a song.

    if you get stumped, just remember your anatomy. as you're working your way down the body, just remember what is where. ie. when you get down to the chest, you know lungs and heart. when you move more down the body, you know GI is next.
  6. by   ADAngel
    Well, I have passed my head to toe. I was really nervous before doing it but once it started I calmed down. I only forgot a few things and made a feel silly mistakes. I confused left from right when I was doing heart sounds, I realized once I got to Erb's point and I switched over. I also forgot to check for nose patency, edema, and side rails! Overall, I did really well; I received some great feedback and the instructor was impressed with some of my techniques (percussion and auscultation) and also said I was very organized! Thanks for the tips, they were greatly appreciated!

    Tomorrow is my first day at clinicals. I am going to be in the long-term wing at the VA! Super excited but nervous - mainly, I am nervous about transitioning from CNA roles to those roles of a student nurse. I guess that I am sort of confused of how the roles will differ - I know that I will be able to administer meds in a few weeks - but that is all I know of the difference.