Has anyone tested out of a nursing course before? Has anyone tested out of a nursing course before? | allnurses

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Has anyone tested out of a nursing course before?

  1. 0 I'm transferring nursing programs and I received a letter that I need to test out of medsurg I. Has anyone taken an clep exams before and is it very hard? I only have 3 weeks to review and I'm worried that won't be enough time. Any help or good websites that order practice questions will be greatly appreciated..thanx..:wink2:
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    [font=book antiqua]i was also a transfer student and my new school gave me the option to test out of nursing 1 and 2 (fundamentals, med-surg 1 and maternal child health). the test was divided into three parts: theory, skills and calculations given over two days. you had to pass one before moving to the next. they gave me copies of the syllabus, skill lab checklist and a sample calculations exam. i only had two weeks to prepare.

    [font=book antiqua] i brought two books, a nclex and maternity review books. they both came with practice cds that was loaded with sample questions. i divided the chapters into particular study days (eg chapter 1 & 2-monday, chapter 3 & 4-tuesday etc.) until i had all the material covered. then i wrote notes on the information that was "foggy" to me. also i did a few drug cards with common drugs and their potential side effects. i spent the majority of my time studying for the theory part because if i didn't pass that one i wasn't going to be able to move to the next part. it wasn't that bad studying because it's really just a review of information that you already know and recalling the important facts (common drugs used, s & s, treatment). i also did alot of questions and answers and studied the rationale for the ones i got wrong.

    [font=book antiqua]the test was 100 questions (thank god) and passing was 68% so i had room for errors. luckily, i was the only one that passed. after, i went on to do my skills demonstration and calculation exams (passing for those exams was 100%). i spent the following day reviewing the skills and doing the practice calculation questions.

    [font=book antiqua]you should be fine, just use you time wisely and focus on the information that is not clear to you (that's usually the information that comes up on the test). i will start nursing 3 this fall and be done next may. good luck and i will say a prayer for you!
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    thanks happiness for the advice and positivity !! I'm glad I only have to take a written exam! I ordered a NCLEX book 2day, so hopefully that will help..