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Admit it. You know you take too long to prepare for school. On average how long does it take you to get ready for school/classes. If you had online classes would you still "prepare" yourself for... Read More

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    lol. That is sooo funny. I love it.

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    Daily showers, yes. Getting all dolled up everyday, prolly not. It can take me hours to get ready if I really wanted too or even just 10 minutes. I can't speak for online nursing classes because I won't have any.
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    When I used to work, I did that. I worked for a pharma manufacturer and we had to enter sterile rooms with no exposed skin where IV meds being placed into their vials. At the end of my time there they put us on "continuous monitoring" meaning someone from my lab had to be in the filling areas at all times. So I covered my notes with plastic protectors, sprayed them down with "spor-klenz" and studied while I sat there.
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    i just printed that out and taped it to my husband's laptop while he's walking the dogs!

    he has a healing right leg and the wound clinic only wants him to shower 2x-3x per week and use baby wipes
    in between. it was one weekly shower before this heat hit.

    no flies yet, but his beard is getting kinda shaggy...

    i thought the cartoon would make him laugh or, at least, smile. thanks!

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