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Who's graduating anytime in 2012? LPN, ADN, BSN, MSN, DNP ... any nursing degree. Give a shout out on this thread! 9 days until graduation for me with my accelerated BSN!! :dance: Congratulations to everyone!... Read More

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    I just graduated with my BSN last Saturday! It's the greatest feeling in the world!
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    After 4 years I will recieve 2 degrees, one in a bachelor of nursing and the other in a bachelor of midwifery. On Thursday I finished my last day EVER as a student nurse on clinical placement after completing 800 hours in just the last year alone I can't begin to tell you what a releif that is. Also just completed and have signed off 2 portfolios with a huge amount of work going into each one.

    My final uni day is next week, just a tieing ends up day... Graduation is in July. Looking forward to recieving my registration and hopefully getting the grad position in telemetry and chronic disease that I applied for.
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    got my degree today (BSN) on the 19th. HOLYYYYYYY ---------!! so happy
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    CONGRATULATIONS to all you!!
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    Congrats to all. I graduated May 24th this year so I am very proud of the 2012 grads!!
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