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  1. by   Megsd
    I'm in kind of a unique situation because my school offers both a traditional BSN and accelerated BSN. (I'm in the accelerated program). Most of the time we have had our own sections of classes, but sometimes we have the same class as the traditional students, and I can tell the difference between the two programs AT THE SAME SCHOOL.

    We are held to MUCH higher standards than they are. We take undergraduate and graduate classes simultaneously and in order to take our graduate classes we must maintain a 3.0 GPA, not a 2.0 GPA like the traditional students.

    At the end of every quarter we take ERI/ATI exams. The traditional students can take them unlimited times, at any computer, at any time within the last 2 weeks of the quarter. Many times they take them together and use books, drug books, and the internet to help. They also write down the answers to the test so they can look up the answers and ace the retake (all the questions are the same every time you take the test) which ups the average we need to exceed in order to pass. We get only ONE chance to take the ERI exams, and they are proctored by our school, and it's all closed-book closed-notes. If we fail, we have to sign a contract with the school and go through remediation before having our grades released.

    But, my program has a 100% NCLEX first time pass rate, and theirs doesn't.

    I understand the frustration at clawing for your grades to get into grad schools. I feel it too. I can only hope that the grad schools I apply to will be familiar with my nursing program and the level of difficulty so many any B's I have will "weigh more" than someone else's B's from a less rigorous program.