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Nursing students will go to great lengths to get accepted into nursing school. Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with others, and post your comments below! Want more... Read More

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    I can relate. Cartoon is cute.
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    I got in! But now Im scared.... :/
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    Hello! I've been browsing this site for the last year of my preclinical life and I finally decided to make a profile I took the NLN in June and didn't receive my letter until July 27, needless to say the anxiety killed me!!!
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    Quote from nursekis
    I got in! But now Im scared.... :/
    I am going to anamarc college for The LVN, is this s good school?
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    I just got my acceptance into nursing school. Now I can laugh, but before I would be a nervous wreck!
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    Your mama had faith that moved a mountain. I celebrate people who do not give up no matter what!!!!!
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    I felt this way as I was put on the waiting list. I was number 17 so I thought I would have to reapply and go in the spring cohort. Well my number was up and I got in the fall cohort. Super excited!