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    As a student and a nurse, what's the most important thing you learned while in school and on the job? Anyone care to share? I thought this could be fun because everyone's view on the idea of "important" is different.
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    The absolute most important thing I learned is to be receptive to advice, suggestions and criticism. That doesn't mean everything anyone tells you is right, but it enables people to make you a better nurse instead of putting their guard up around you.
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    Hmm, this could be taken two ways for myself. The most important skill? Or the absolute most important concept?

    I'll go with the latter and say, treat the patient as a human being, (how you'd want to be treated, or a family member), and not as a dummy, there to serve only in your learning experience When you follow this simple rule, patients really appreciate your caring for them, and it makes everyone's life so much easier.