FOOOOOOOOOD - What snacks/meals do you have for clinicals? - page 2

What snacks do you pack for clinicals? I'm a pretzel and cheese girl myself... salt is my go to when I'm running around all the time. What about meals? Do you eat with the rest of the "dining out" crew, grab something from... Read More

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    Chicken salad sandwich {Oh I'm craving some now!!} I also plan on trying out the mason jar salads

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    Last semester was a disaster for me dieting

    I gain a lot of what I lost in weight watchers

    Lots if study eating and 16 hour shifts at work

    I'm back on plan

    Greek yogurt
    Hard boiled egg
    Fresh veg
    Fresh fruit
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    I usually bring a few things! Strawberries in yogurt with granola, hard boiled eggs, tuna or egg salad sandwich, some other fruit of some sort. Maybe a cheese string or some other snack food. Just depends on what I have at home, but usually a lot of little things and a sandwich of some sort! I bring a travel mug of tea and it stays hot, but I usually break down at some point and buy a coffee. I will buy soup too some days! LOL ok I sound like all I do is eat while I'm at clinical! It's more I can't eat when I first wake up at 5am, so I pack enough because I will get hungry.

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