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First Semester is Over!

  1. 0 Hurray! I am so excited to not have to sit though another Fundamentals lecture! Pharmacology is over and done with as well, though I found that class very interesting, mostly due to the great teacher! I don't have to look at that school or a nursing book again until May 27th! 2 Weeks of freedom!

    How did everyone's 1st semester go?

    What will you be taking, if anything, in the summer?

    Do you have a break between sessions and if so got any good relaxing plans?
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    yeah!! good for you; i'm envious. i just started 3rd term and from 2nd to 3rd had one free weekend which was such an amazing joy: but it made me miss free time !!!!! i work ft and go to school nights and weekends. our terms/semesters are such that they end on a fri and the new one starts mon. ugh!
    enjoy your free time and good luck in term 2.
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