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Orientation is next wednesday for my school and I'm really starting to think about the first semester. What was it like for you? What did you like/hate? Do you have and tips or advice? I have worked... Read More

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    Quote from CBLNurse2Be
    I just got my basic nursing practicum 1 class syllabus and it was seriously 136 pages long!! I have such a migraine, I haven't even been able to actually look through it. I did see, while I was printing, that we are required to care for our classmates with bed bath practices, etc and bring things from home like towels, soap, brush, tooth brush, toothpaste.. There are a few more things too.

    Off the top of my head it's the nursing process, the interview, health assessment, cross-culture stuff, Glasgow coma scale, the survey, communication, PERRLA. (may be missing a letter on that. Lol).
    perrla is correct