First day of clinical tomorrow - and giving my first bath! First day of clinical tomorrow - and giving my first bath! | allnurses

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First day of clinical tomorrow - and giving my first bath!

  1. 0 Tomorrow is my first day of clinical at the hospital. I'm really excited and also really nervous!

    Does anyone have any advice about giving baths for the first time? Or does anyone have advice for the first day of clinical in general? I'm so nervous about giving this bath. Are we supposed to ask the patient if he/she wants us to wash their perineal area or if they want to do it themselves? If so, how should I phrase that? I'm going to be using bed bath wipes instead of a washcloth and basin. I'd appreciate any advice or suggestion! Thank you!!
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    Always ask them how much are they able to do themselves. Some need help, some don't. I was nervous the first time I had to give a bath also. In all honesty once you have one or two under your belt it's not that big of a deal.
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    You'll do fine, just breathe and relax. Ask what they are able to do themselves and appear confident. Most of those getting bed baths are used to getting them. It's no big deal to them so don't let it seem like a big deal to you. You'll be ok. Take it in because before you know it you will be graduating. Congratulations on the start of your nursing journey!
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    Thanks for the advice!! I guess the thing I'm most nervous about is making the patient feel uncomfortable. But what you said makes sense, so I'll try to be confident and relaxed so my patient will feel relaxed too. Thanks again!