Financial aid & paying out of pocket

  1. I met with the financial aid department (Bryant and Stratton) today and after all my loans and grants from FAFSA were in place, there was about $1500 left for each semester. (They only do two semesters at a time)

    Where could I apply for extra scholarships/grants to help cover this leftover tuition? The school offers monthly payment plans so I would have to pay $375 a month. Working only three days a week just doesn't cover it plus the school is an hour away so gas money is also an issue.

    Any ideas?
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  3. by   LB_RN2B
    Did you apply for the scholarship for disadvantaged nurses??? My school gave me an app! Also for next year (because the deadline has passed got to the HRSA website and sign up for a email reminder of the dates to apply for next year for their nursing scholarship! Johnson and Johnson have scholarships too but for most scholarships the deadlines have passed. I am in the same boat as you! I wpould ask the nursing dept at your school for any other scholarships available for nurses!

    Sorry! Hope this helped a little!! If I here of anything...I will keep you posted!
  4. by   Amygrace84
    Hi! I am meeting with B&S monday and feel I will be in the same boat! I dont even qualify for any grants from FAFSA because I already have an undergrad degree in social work. So all I will qualify for is the $9500 a year loan which for BandS wont cut it at all! I really want to be able to go though so may have to look into private loans, though I would really like to avoid that. I have been looking for scholorships too but with no luck. I will let you know if I find any! What campus are you looking into?
  5. by   eyeheartnursing
    I have a previous degree and have exhausted the loan amount I am allowed to receive as an undergrad. I pay $2,200-$2,700 out of pocket for each semester. Luckily I only have a year to go.