Finally Graduation Day!

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    From that start of nursing school most of us are looking forward to graduation day. It is a moment when we can take a deep breath before taking the NCLEX and celebrate all our hard work over the past year or more. We have made friends, learned to think like a nurse, and are one step closer to being a nurse. Feelings of graduation vary some do not even attended others are thrilled to share with their fellow students a completed hard earned goal.

    Finally Graduation Day!

    Graduation day has finally come. The past year of critical thinking tests, quizzes, papers, and all nighters has paid off. My brain is now rewired to think like a nurse. I am not sure I would be able to take a regular test, which tests your knowledge base verses the world of nursing test that not only tests your knowledge base, but makes you pick the best answer from your knowledge base. I remember taking my first nursing test and thinking "Well crap! I would do three of the four! OMG HELP!!!" Now I am at the point of thinking well in the real world I would be able to do all three in the matter of three seconds but what do they think I should do first. When in doubt I usually pick protect airway.

    I put on my very hideously ugly Pn uniform, really a white knee length vest, white polo, white scrub pants, and white socks and shoes. Even on my wedding day I did not wear this much white. I threatened the ugly vest every day I had to slip it on of its fate of being burned at a major fire come graduation. Not that a huge bon fire in South Florida in the middle of June is feasible or fun. Now that I slip it on for the last time my heart softens a bit and I plan that its fate has changed and it will be donated to a new PN student.

    Our class has a wonderful turn out. Parents, brothers, cousins, aunts, in-laws, children, husbands and wives all sit in the crowd. As my name approaches being called nerves set in. I am not the most graceful human and falling on my face is a real possibility. Not only is falling on my face a possibility so is my grabbing a fellow student or instructor and bringing them down with me. Maybe I will just take out the entire electric system and cause a huge stampede of people running out of the room.

    My name is called I wish I could say I moved gracefully across the stage but I just moved. I however did not cause a catastrophe in my wake. My mother-in-law waits to pen me, but the instructor stops and puts me on display because of my great leadership skills and being able to make national honor society even during a major loss to our family.

    My heart starts to beat out of control. Oh please NO! Do not point me out in front of the entire class and group of supporters. I am about to vomit! "Dear Lord let this moment be over, I do not like to be the center of attention."

    She has finally stopped talking and it is now my time to be pinned. The moment of the tradition brings tears to my eyes, I am proud that my mother-in-law is able to pin me and I can see the pride in her eyes. I know I would see the same pride in my mother's eyes, my heart just about breaks thinking how much I miss her.

    Then my moment is over and I am sitting back in my seat silently cheering on my fellow students who all have worked so hard to have this moment. We have all come a long way and still have a long road ahead of us. This moment is brief and we cannot call ourselves nurses yet. Our next big moment will come when we pass the NCLEX and are holding a license with our name printed in black that allows us the honor of being called a nurse.
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  3. by   Piggles
    Congratulations to you for all of your success. You persevered despite personal tragedies you could not control. Your story sounds a lot like mine. My mother-in-law has been a great support to me too and I look forward to seeing her at my graduation this spring. I lost my Mom to liver failure in the middle of my first year of nursing school and it was very stressful. Somehow I maintained my grades and my sanity. At that point I didn't have the support network that I have now begun to build among students and faculty. I am looking forward to celebrating too. I think that the hardships make us grow so much and appreciate what we have. Thanks for sharing and I am glad you didn't break a leg.
  4. by   kay0324
    congratulations!!!!! I cannot wait until that day! I am only in 101 right now halfway through the semester and it is already going soo fast!! Best of luck to you and your nursing career!!!