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I just finished my third day of clinicals (first rotation) & negative emotions just hit me like a wave today. I've been busting my butt this first semester of classes & am sitting at a 92% in the class. That's all fine & great... Read More

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    Don't worry too much about your confidence, this will grow with time. Most of the time we focus on the negative feedback we get but make sure and take note of all those ''good job!'' and ''well done'' and ''you did great'' and even ''thanks''....cos if they are thanking you it means you did something right- that the patients and RN's and teachers and peers give you.

    With balancing your life......all you can do is your best....dont put too much pressure on yourself. Your loved ones should understand!! Maybe try to organise your work/ study a little better if you are feeling like theres always more to study. Either each week/ each evening....make a list of all the things relating to school that you have to do...include study and essays. Write down what you want to study and do it. Write down whether you want to plan the essay,research (if so..what do u want to research) or type up the essay ( how much do u want to type). Make it realistic......no point writing down that you need to type up two essays and study 4 chapters.....its not gona happen!

    Best of luck!!

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    Just remember.... it's temporary and the end result is a beacon of light at the end of this dark tunnel It will be well worth it for you and your family in the end!!
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    I lost all contact with everybody in nursing school and lost a relationship with an amaaazing man because of nursing school. I was just too busy and had to be completely selfish to get through school and he didn't understand it. But hey, it's part of it. I never found a balance really. I made time to go to the gym and I used that as my social hour during the day, but there were times where I was so busy I had to skip the gym for the whole week to get papers done and study for tests. I never had a social life during my ASN. But it was 2 years. I would try to set up a date night with my ex once a week and we'd go to dinner and spend some time together (and then I'd come home and study usually). That was my only free night during the week, but I kept that a priority, along with working out since it relieved all the stress!
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    What classes are your currently taking. I can ease your burden. I am almost finished and can possibly give you some tips on how to get through it all.

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