Failing with so little left in the semester??

  1. So right now I have a 75 average. You have to make an 80 to pass, of course.
    We only have 1 test left and a final.
    Should I even try? I feel so defeated. Like I should give up.

    What should I do?
    And why?
    And how?
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  3. by   ShesAcuteNurse
    I would not give up. I am a nursing student, also. Let me tell, I was on the borderline just like you during my second semester of A & P and it came down to me having to get a good grade on my final exam. Well I did it and now I'm finishing up my second semester of nursing. I was hovering at a 70 something also....couldn't seem to make better than Cs and Ds in that particular class. You are too close to let it just go without a fight. Do your best and you may be surprised
  4. by   HisTreasure
    If there is a study group, join it. YouTube is an excellent, underrated resource-- along with iTunes U. Maybe hearing or seeing the subject matter in a different format, from an outside source, will be beneficial. I'm not a math wiz-- and most of it goes in one ear, jumbles around for a while in the cerebral cortex to form just the *right* amount of migraine symptoms to make me want to off myself, and them flies out the other ear. However, watching the same stuff I'm learning in class on Khan Academy makes it palatable and I *get* it. Get the "For Dummies" on your iPad or Kindle instantly and use those as well. They help. Trust me. In PN school I used the anatomy and physiology coloring books to learn. People laughed at me, but that was an A course in both sections for me, whereas others failed out. Do what works for you. My "do-or-die" subject was urinary in med-surg. I don't know if it was me, or the professor, but that was my 75 almost the whole course. The final was my saving grace. Scored in the high 90's and ended with an 84 overall. You can and will do this. Don't give up!
  5. by   EteRNalTranquility
    Well, you can try, take the remaining exams, and still have a chance to make it out of the course... Or you can give up and fail for sure. You owe it to yourself to do everything you can with whatever time you have left.
  6. by   kpetit
    I'm in the same boat right now but going to finish out the semester I have to feel positive that I can pull this off so close and so are you. I am studing my rear off for this next exam and hope I pull out a passing and then for two weeks it will be all about the final. You can do this don't give up.
  7. by   Scrubs_girl
    Thanks everyone! The last day to drop is Friday, but there is no benefit. I would still technically fail. Today was a day that I couldn't really study much but I still got in 2 1/2 hours. I had a girl from class come over and help me. I'm reading and re-reading everything. Trying to make sense of it all.
  8. by   Scrubs_girl
    Lucky! I only have 2 days between my last test and my final. Yikes!
  9. by   DawnJ
    Khan Academy rocks