Failed two exams already, but still trying to push through.

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    I am in my second semester, I have had three exams and have managed to fail two of them. I am studying my buns off and doing practice questions with my reviews and rationales book, online and from the lectures, im studying with a study partner who's doing well, I've seen my advisor, been to all exam reviews so far, yet when I take my exams I blank out, get distracted and anxiety kicks in.

    I've tried doing some relaxation techniques and what not, and they have not worked.

    I want this so bad I am still hoping of pulling myself up, and passing. I only have 3 more exams left.

    I'd like to think that my capacity to be a wonderful and great nurse isn't measured by how well i take exams or read a book. yet, what I am facing says otherwise.

    I'd also like to think that if million other nurses over the years can do it, I can do it too.
    But I feel like a failure. so bummed.

    anyone else, come this close to failing out and have pulled through?... I just need to know that there is still a light and beeping IV's at the end of the tunnel waiting for me to hang a new bag into. (trying to be funny, I apologize if otherwise.)
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    Does your school have disability accommodations? At my school if you have documented anxiety you can get a private area to take the test and time and half. So if the test is 2 hours you get 3 hours. You should talk to a counselor at your school to see what they can do for you.
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    That's awsome! The only way that my university grants more time is if you have a learning disability (documented). A lot of students pay for the ADHD test etc' just for the extra time.
    My anxiety usually kicks in on nursing math tests (which we have before each new clinical rotation- fun) that we have to pass 100%. so no pressure. Argh.

    AlliNeedisAMiracle Hang in there. I'm going into my 4th year of a BSN program, my three year average is 84 (this year alone was an 88) and it wasn't always smooth sailing. I had to redo biochemistry and statistics because I didn't pass them the first time around.
    BUT once you get past the "i'm such a loser" / "everyone else is so smart" / "maybe i'll never be a nurse" pitty party that is going through your mind, you'll be able to focus on whats important!
    I'm happy to hear that you have asked for help and are recieving support from the administration.
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    I am in the same situation. I have three kids (one with childhood cancer) and I have taken three exams. Failing is below an 80 and I have made two 80's and in three hours ill find out my recent grade (which I am confident I made below an 80.) I have taken nclex study tests, ATI practice test, record lectures, read and etc. Funny thing is I know the material but my prob is test anxiety. My brain automatically switches modes in testing and I always choose the wrong answer. As soon as I submit my test my brain unfreezes and I remember what answer I should have chosen. I am so discouraged. The thing is I almost had an A average first semester. I need help also. I hope you and I both pass and make it out. Prayers !