Failed Fundamentals HELP!!!

  1. ok, so I am a nursing student and I was taking Pharmacology and Fundamentals and I passed Pharmacology with a 86% but failed fundamentals wit 74.76%. Our passing grade is 75% and I was so close It just hurts me every time thinking about my failure. Now I have to wait until August to retake fundamentals. In my school we are only allowed 2 failures. Nursing is my passion and I want to be nurse and I know I will be a great nurse in the future, but i am so scared I NEED HELP. HAS ANYONE BEEN IN MY SITUATION?
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    Many, many, many, many people have been in in your situation. The smart ones learn from this experience that nursing school is a lot harder than they expected. They plan to work a lot harder on their classes when (if) they get a second chance.

    They also learn that in nursing school the semesters get harder as they go along, since they have to retain and have a good working knowledge of everything they learned before because they will be held accountable for using and building on it.

    Good luck!
  4. by   RNAni
    yes I agree with you! i am just trying to be positive because the fact that i was so close proves me that I can do this. I know classes get harder but in a way I am glad I have to retake fund. I just know one thing that we should never give up. When i found out my grade i had a panic attack but I realized that this failure wont stop me from what I want. If I fail one more class I will go to another school. I'll try not to of course
  5. by   nurseprnRN
    If you fail one more class another school may not admit you. Do not count on that as a fall-back plan.
  6. by   RNAni
    yes that's what i am scared of I will do everything to survive nursing school, because this is what I want. Thank you