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Let me give you some background on me; I am 20 and am in my sophomore year of college, just starting my nursing classes. I transferred to the college I am at now after my freshman year because of not getting into the nursing... Read More

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    We've likely all been there. Heck I got a 55% on my first peds exam and I was mad! Needless to say, despite a few bad grades on some exams, I passed my NCLEX-RN the first time with 75 questions, so all that frustration is a thing of the past.

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    Out of the 90 students in my current nursing class maybe a small hand full have not failed a nursing exam before and yup even those straight A students have failed some. Nursing exams are completely different than what your use to in other classes also every teacher is different. Also in nursing school you have to learn so much that we sometimes concentrate on the things that we think are important that are really not that important (or at least not for that specific test). One thing I have completely realized is that when my professors say know something I concentrate on those things. I still try to learn the rest but for the most part as long as we have been introduced to all those other things it will be okay if we cant always remember everything about it on the top of your head. Once you get to a point in your nursing school and your career that your needing that knowledge and using it often you'll retain that information much better. We are also told for every nursing exam to remember Maslows, be patient centered (the farther away you get from the patient the less likely its right), and when studying remember life threatening stuff because we want to keep the patients alive.

    It will continue to get better and don't beat yourself up if you do have other failed nursing exams in the future. Learn from those failed exams and switch up your studying if you have to. Every semester I still fail at least one exam but I always pass my classes. I don't always pass with an A BUT just because your not an A student doesn't mean you don't know the information or know how to do the job it just means you may not be as awesome at tests as others.
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    dear lord I know the feeling.

    First nutrtion Exam I get an 86, good but want to do better. So 2nd nutrtion exam I study harder and what i thought was better and end up with a 62....

    So 86 to 62, wth happened? Now I don't mind failing a test if I did not study, if i went in there and "winged it", but what gets me is when you study and still do terrible- that has to be one of the most discourging feelings in the world and you start to question, am I on the right path?

    For myself I know where my studying failed. The test was more notes oriented than book, so whilst i knew the book well, my notes where poor. Addtionally in the book she actually uses the pictures, the diagrams, the boxes with text as part of her test. Normally I just read the text and ignore the "other stuff"-that boned me big, all those pictures and diagrams where used many times on the test.

    So I believe I know what my faults where that lead to a fail despite studying- not taking good notes, not reading all of the book.
    On the 3rd test I will take good notes, I will read ALL of the book- If however I fail again, then I don't know, I just don't know what to do.

    Again I don't mind failing if I did not study, but if i did study and still fail-it just sucks all the life out, you question your purpose

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