Extreme IV Anxiety?

  1. 0 I'm a nursing student- formerly a CNA. I've also taken phlebotomy, TWICE. I can do most body fluids fine. I can "get stuck" with no problem. However, I have well over 100 sticks in now and it still gives me debilitating anxiety; tremors to be specific. I always shiver when I get nervous, and in fact I shiver in direct proportion to HOW anxious I am! It is so incredibly embarrassing and disheartening. I hear over and over again that "it will go away". When!?!? I've been at this for almost a year now, and I am still exactly as nervous about it as I was the first day. Over 100 good sticks and my confidence has increased 0%. Is there some way I can at least stop the tremors so I can stick regardless of how I feel inside lol!?!? It would be more than 100, if only I could suppress my "nerves" enough....also, I got so nervous my very first day of clinicals that I passed out...at the nursing station...during shift change.....any advice greatly appreciated!
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    You have done over 100 blood draws or IV's? I was very nervous with IV's to start and would shake, as I got more practice it got better and I even did an IV on a 2 year olds foot without missing a beat. Not when I can't see the vein is when I get nervous. Everyone tells me you have to feel not see bu I can never feel them good if they aren't visible.
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    Yeah, right around 100 successful. I don't even get any MORE nervous about a vein I can't see. I can feel it, mark it, stick it. I'm NOT at all bad at sticking when I can finally get my anxiety under control.....thanks for your response.....love your "urination" quote....

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