excited about being an alternate!

  1. 1 I never thought I'd be sooo excited about being placed on the alternate list! I sent my spring 2012 pre-nursing program application in after the official deadline (they accept pre-nursing applications after the deadline) and found out today that I was placed on the alternate list! I wasn't expecting anything for spring so I am pleasantly surprised to find out I'm "a viable candidate for the program". That makes me feel sooooo much better about being accepted for either summer or fall 2012 (which I won't need to worry about if I'm accepted for spring!). I start my CNA class next month and am taking SOC210 as well to get it out the way (I have most of my non-nursing classes done....I think I need just 1 more after SOC210). I never thought I'd be considering school for this January!
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    congrats! hope you get in asap good luck

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