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Just curious if other programs bring in food/gifts for the clinical floor and a small gift for the instructor?... Read More

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    We as a group gave food, doughnuts, snacks, fruit. On one occasion I was on a unit where the nurses really participated in the clinical experiance and I gave the ones I worked with privately a small gift bag with ink pens, note pads, and small bottle of lotion. in case you havent figured it out nurses usually love Ink pens. : )

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    my clinical group this semester is buying a cake for the floor and we're getting the instructor a $100 gift certificate for the mall.
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    Quote from classicdame
    not a practice in our facility unless someone chooses on their own. Not a good habit. Becomes an expectation and then destroys the purpose of gifting.
    THANK YOU! There is nothing that drives me more flipping insane than tacking on an extra 30 minutes to post conference while everyone discusses what flavor of muffins we should get. Every quarter its worse I swear. First quarter was a box of donuts and a card for the CI and floor. Now that we are in fifth I'm sure we will be discussing who will bring the turducken. 'But they will get thirsty while eating the turducken! I will make fruit punch!' 'Drinking the punch will remind them of their grandmother's o orchard. Can someone pick up a fruit tray?'. Before you know it our group of 7 is spending 50$+. I'm a poor nursing student and this isn't a party planning committee! I've got homework to do.

    As someone who works on a floor with students regularly, I can honestly say I don't care whether they bring us anything. A donut isn't going to make me less annoyed with the student who sat at the nurses station telling us how much she hated our floor and that she was "much more into the ED thing".
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    We always brought food (usually donuts, bagels, or a fruit/veggie tray) and a thank you card for the staff....for the instructor it was a thank you card and a gift card to somewhere, usually between $40-$50 depending on how many students were in the clinical group. Starbucks was a very popular choice. My ICU clinical instructor was a huge girly-girl so we actually got her a gift card for a mani/pedi at a local spa. She loved it.
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    We've brought food to the floor and a card that we all signed. We have given gifts to our clinical teachers as well. One we gave a bottle of Scotch to, one was a Starbucks tumbler that I put all our pictures in and a GC, one we gave a bunch of Disney stuff too, this last one we gave her a handmade lanyard.

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