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once i start class next week, i will be driving over an hour to school mon-fri and will be in class 730-230... does anyone have any suggestions on snacks that i can keep in my car and eat on the go?... Read More

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    I try to stick with high protein, high fiber foods so I stay full longer.

    I just discovered the Atkins Advantage and South Beach Diet bars: both super high protein and hardly any sugar.

    My new favorite- Kashi Go Lean Crunch Honey Almond Flax cereal.

    I also bring dried fruit, almonds, soy nuts.

    Low fat string cheese, All Bran crackers, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, fruit.

    Lots of water, Lipton Green Tea to Go packets, little cans of low sodium V-8.

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    WAter, water water!
    -Raisins, dried fruit, cereal mixed, nuts, banana
    -wrap cold things in foil, helps hold in the cool.
    -I have access to microwave, so I go with frozen stuff once in a while.
    -Sandwich that doesn't need to be cold
    -pop with a cup of ice from cafe
    -anything portable, just look at what you like and go from there....
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    Quote from anurse2be09
    Oh great, now I want one of those :spin:! I bought a cool Lean Cuisine lunch bag when they were doing a breast cancer awareness promotion, but this looks like a neat way to tote hot lunches to school. We have a small cafeteria at our school but I have no clue if we would actually have time to run down there and eat anything during our breaks.

    Both the Bento lunch box and Lean Cuisine lunch bag are great investments! Keeps dry and cool foods fresh.

    I try to eat a balanced breakfast especially on clinical morning and this ties me over.

    I carry also dry foods like breakfast bar, nuts, or cereal along with a whole fruit juice or V-8. Sometimes a whole piece of fruit (orange, apple or pear all uncut). Definitely drink lots of WATER, WATER, WATER even when I'm on the floor.

    My last clinical group would eat lunch in the cafe directly after we left the floor.
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    Quote from beck_79
    My new favorite- Kashi Go Lean Crunch Honey Almond Flax cereal.
    I second that. I'll also add the Kashi Go Lean bars that they sell at Costco. They're low fat, high fiber and are pretty filling and taste pretty good.

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