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Hey all! This may be a little long but I'll try to just get what I need to say out. This last week's clinical was really hard/stressful/draining. I know clinicals are supposed to be challenging but something is not... Read More

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    WE have the right to remain silent, if we want to. SILENCE IS GOLDEN!

    Anything WE say can not be used against us at a later date. WE may and will apologize later.

    WE have the right to have a friend or another family member present in time of crisis. Burdens shared are burdens lightened.
    WE have the right to scream and run around in circles to relieve the pressures of daily living. Letting the pressure off keeps major explosions to a minimum.
    WE have the right to communicate with each other as needed. Sometimes just having someone listen, with no comments, is all the help we need.
    WE have the right to expect to have questions and concerns addressed in as timely manner as possible. After all, we are in this together and we have the same questions and concerns.

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    I remember in my clinicals,many years ago,that I also became disillusioned and questioned myself but, one-day in class (A&PII),I received a message to report to the Nursing Directors office. I was sure my number was up and as I entered her office, with eyes swollen and tears running down my face,she merely pointed over to a package that had been delivered for me.
    I opened the box and inside was a small basket filled with Easter Grass,a rope about 15" wrapped around the handle and upon further digging,a quart size zip-lock bag.
    I pulled the bag out of the basket and upon examination of its contents were the most unusual items; an eraser,penny,marble,rubber band,string, a candy that said hug and a chocolate kiss. I was bewildered until I noticed a note wrapped with a bow; upon opening,it read;

    Feeling Great Kit
    An Eraser, so you can make all your mistakes go away.
    A Penny, so you will never have to say; "I'm broke".
    A Marble, in case someone says you've lost all yours.
    A rubber Band, to stretch yourself to the limits.
    A String, to tie things together when it seems that everything falls apart.
    A Hug and a Kiss, to remind you that someone cares about you.

    Another small note wrapped with a bow, worded simply; "Open if All else Fails".
    Upon opening it, I Bawled!!! Then I laughed; it said; "Betts, unwrap the rope and when you get to the end of it, tie a Knot and Hang On!"

    Signed: No matter the outcome, I'm always here, by your side.
    Love, Your Husband ...
    I graduated with a GPA of 3.6

    So, get a quart size baggie, fill it with the above items and remember to include a small length of rope. You will make it!

    I still have the baggie with all its contents and the rope, hangs above my degree.
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    My trick for counting irregular respirations is to only count the inspirations and ignore the expiration until I have my count, then I assess the character closely.
    Good luck.

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